August Favorites

August Favorites | Refined LatelyRevlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Full House
I generally stay away from bright, cool-toned nail polishes but my mom gave me this shade (after buying another polish in almost the exact same shade) so I tried it out on my toes.  Keep Reading >>

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One In, One Out : Mascara

One In, One Out: MascaraToday’s One In, One Out post is actually a two in, two out kind of situation. Normally, I keep one mascara per season so I can replace it after 3 months—about the right shelf life for mascaras.  Keep Reading >>

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The Capsule Closet : Underwear

The Capsule Closet : Underwear | Refined Lately

| Gap Favorite Wireless Bra | Soma Vanishing Edge Panties |

As much as I love the French woman’s philosophy on fashion and style, I can’t subscribe to the practice of wearing lingerie. Not even on special occasions.  Keep Reading >>

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Blogger Bit

August Blogger Bits | Refined LatelyBlogger Bits is a monthly series featuring this month’s noteworthy and inspiring posts. New and old posts from all over the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogging community are visited.

I can feel the seasons changing and a little part of my head keeps playing that Jaws music.  Keep Reading >>

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Health is a Habit

Health is a Habit | Refined LatelyLiving healthy is more than just calories taken and lost—it’s overall well-being that relies on habits that allow us to take care of ourselves. The daily habits we have also play just as big of a role in our health as proper diet and physical activity.  Keep Reading >>

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